Our migration is complete.

To recover your account and credits, simply reset your old password using your unchanged username/email.

As a reminder:
  • All your personal data (name, username/email address, phone number, etc.) and credits have been automatically transferred to our new system.
  • Your past bookings and history have been deleted.
  • For obvious data protection reasons, your password has not been transferred. You will simply need to create a new one by following the steps below.

1. Click here and follow the steps to change your password.
2. Log in to our website using the LOGIN button located in the menu bar.

Once logged in, you will have access to your profile and be able to fully utilize our site, book classes, or purchase credits, etc.

The restructuring of classes

For the sake of clarity, we have renamed and categorized our classes so that everyone can choose the one that best meets their expectations.

The “URBANRIDE” class will be renamed “BURN”.

  • This class combines the best of music and intense training focused on power, strength, and endurance. Follow and measure your progress in real-time or let yourself be carried away by the music. In both cases, you will complete an intense and challenging workout.
  • Statistics and live performances will be displayed and will be available for this class (when the development of this feature is complete).

The “Ride & Core” class will be renamed “SHAPE”.

  • The formula will remain the same (30 minutes on the bikes and 15 minutes on the ground), the cycling part will be based off a “BURN” class.
  • Statistics and live performances will be available for this class (when the development of this feature is complete).

The “PULSE” class will make its appearance.

  • PULSE will be an intense 45 min class centered on movement, music and community. Our coaches will accompany you through an immersive journey guided by the rhythm of music, which will build your endurance and invigorate your mind.
  • This class will take place without the display of live performances and without statistics.

New Mobile App

  • A new smartphone application is now available. You can delete the old one. Click here to download it on iOS or Android
  • Remember to allow notifications as some features, such as the waiting list, utilize this means of communication.

What's new ?

This migration brings its share of new features and changes that will improve your experience at URBANRIDE.

Automatic waitlist

  • When a class is full, you will have the option of adding yourself to the waitlist. When a spot frees up, you will be contacted by email, and you will have 15 minutes to book yourself into the class. After this 15-minute window, the spot will be offered to the next person on the waitlist.

Invites / Guests

  • Thanks to a feature available whilst you are booking, you can reserve a spot for you and a spot for your guest using your own credits.
  • The invites offered with the packs will no longer exist but will be replaced by a sponsorship system currently under development.


  • Following too many wrongdoings we must take measures to maintain fairness and the smooth functioning of our studio. Thus, holders of a “1 Month Unlimited” subscription will be subject to getting their account blocked for 7 days in the following cases:
    • After 2 late cancellations (less than 6 hours before the start of class) within a period of 14 days.
    • or
    • After 2 no-shows (absences) within a period of 14 days.

Gift Cards

  • It will be possible to buy and send digital gift cards directly from our website or from the App. This feature will be added later.


  • “Class packs” will now be called “passes”.

Student packs

  • The student discount will be replaced by the “Student Pack” at the price of CHF 99 for 4 credits. It is only available at the studio if a valid student card is provided.

The schedule

  • The schedule will now display classes 7 days in advance (compared to 8 currently).
  • Priority booking will offer early access to the schedule and will display classes 9 days in advance.

The statistics

  • We have decided to improve our statistics system but unfortunately, it will not be operational at the time of the migration. This therefore means that for a certain period, there will be no more statistics and no more live display on the screens.

Urbanride in the pocket.
Download the Urbanride App for iOS and Android.
Urbanride in the pocket.
Download the Urbanride App for iOS and Android.