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It is possible to register on a waiting list by contacting the studio directly by phone or e-mail.

Classes can be cancelled max 12 hours before the scheduled class. Once your bike is cancelled, the class will be returned to your account to be used later. Riders can cancel their classes online or by calling the studio. But be forewarned: if you don’t cancel your bike 12 hours before the scheduled class starts, your credit will be charged to your account…and we don’t want to do that !

Si une annulation est due à une maladie ou à une blessure, le cours de ne sera pas perdu mais nous nous réservons le droit de demander un certificat médical.

The schedule displays the classes for the next 8 days.

You can book 8 days in advance or 5 minutes. It’s at your convenience. However, as classes are often full, we recommend that you book your course as soon as possible if you wish to secure your favorite spot.

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