Dear Riders,

During the shutdown it is important to stay active because a fit body leads to a fit mind. As your health matters a lot to us, we have set up free live workout to follow on our Instagram page @urbanride_official several times a week.

These courses are exclusively floor exercices using bodyweight. No equipment is necessary. The only things you need are a mattress for your comfort a towel and a bottle of water to stay hydrated.


Monday 12:30pm – Sergio
Tuesday 6:30pm – Dounia
Wednesday 12:30pm – Dounia
Thursday 6:30pm – Sergio
Friday 12:30pm – Gigi
Saturday 11:00am – Sergio
Sunday 11:00am – Gigi

Our live workouts will be free of charge so take the most out of it… but at home! Even is exercising outside is still allowed next to your home, the main priority remains to stay safe at home.

We hope that you and your friends / family will stay in shape during this period and that we will see you again soon full of energy at the studio.


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